Géza Horváth, b. 1922

A surgeon in Komló until 1955, Horváth was dismissed because he was unable to show his medical credentials. He then worked at the Pécs Uranium Mine as a wage clerk. On November 4, 1956, he went into the Mecsek Hills to join the armed struggle against the Soviets and took part in the battles around Tettye in the north of Pécs, on November 5. He fought on, under the cover name ‘Gazda’ (Farmer), as the commander of the most important unit, until November 22, 1956. At Vágotpuszta, deep in the Mecsek Hills, he was at the head of 350 rebels, who each swore to stay faithful to the revolution to the last. He took part in the attack on Pécsvárad police station on November 14. He also gave medical assistance, operating on Ottó Málics with a razor blade after he had been seriously wounded at Pécsvárad. Horváth organized the retreat in Baranya and then Somogy County, 42 of them escaping into Yugoslavia. There he was at the Kapronca (Koprivnica) refugee camp for a time and then at Gerovo until the spring of 1957. He went to Italy and then to Belgium, and later settled in France, where he worked as a lorry driver

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