1. The main assignment for the Institute in 2008, alongside its researches into 1956, is a new Institute project: The Kádár system as post-Stalinist version of the Soviet-type systems. The historiographic studies prepared in the first phase of the project are being debated at a workshop at the end of March. These will presumably provide the material for compiling the 2008 Yearbook. The historiographic phase is likely to be followed in 2008 by a methodological one, likewise based on plans for individual tasks. After assessment of the findings up to that point, the individual and group sub-projects will commence, probably in the autumn of 2008. It is presumed that the key concepts of analytical research will be refined during the year or that some uniform methodology for the project will be chosen. (The most interest so far has been shown in a micro-historical approach.) Furthermore, participation in the project will be augmented with outside researchers, while some Institute staff will not necessarily take part in the third or subsequent phases of the project. Individual research programmes will also continue in 2008.
 The Institute's financial situation is likely to be rather less favourable in 2008 than it was in 2007. No change in the central state budget funding can be expected; funding from the capital city is uncertain. A number of competitive funding applications will also be made, but these opportunities are also declining. The results of the intellectual restoration and calmer, more considered research of 2007 will probably appear in 2008. Rather more publications are planned. Efforts to foster the Institute's international relations will focus mainly on participation in conferences abroad. The stock of computers and IT equipment will be kept at the same level. It would be desirable to raise the number of staff by one or two, but the trends and prospects for the operation of the Institute make this possible at most in the second half of the year, through competitive funding applications.

2. Prominent among the Institute publications planned for 2008 are the results of individual researches on which some staff have been engaged for some time. So the crop will be more varied in subject-matter than it was in 2006 or 2007. Further content developments will be made on the Institute website, but there will also be tasks connected with changes made in 2006 and 2007 (corrections, updates etc.)

3. Some individual researches will still be focused on the history of the 1956 Revolution. Attila Szakolczai is preparing a PhD dissertation on the events in Köztársaság tér and continuing work on his large-scale monograph on the Hungarian Revolution. László Eörsi will be working on the insurgents of Budapest's 7th District and on the university national guard units. Éva Standeisky will finish her monograph The Experience of Freedom-the People in the 1956 Hungarian Revolution by the end of the year.
 Pál Germuska will be finishing his monograph on Hungary's arms industry, which may well be in print by the end of the year. János Tischler will be starting on a new research subject from the Kádár period, while Csaba Békés will continue to study Hungary's Cold War history. András Lénárt and Márkus Keller will complete their PhD dissertations and present completed manuscripts for workplace debate in the first half of the year. Krisztián Ungváry is working on the second volume of his historical monograph on the state security organization. Tibor Valuch is beginning new research using the approach of family accounts and personal histories to the fate of the bourgeoisie in the 20th century. János M. Rainer will complete his volume on József Antall and write a short summary of the Kádár period. Five staff members will be spending the year on doctoral studies, and it is hoped that two or three dissertations will be completed.

4. At the OHA, Zsuzsanna Kőrösi is starting analytical processing of the research programme entitled "Repatriates". The interview and interview-processing programme "Other Hungary" continues. The Archive staff will begin to publish results of the projects in progress. An interview selection is being made for Internet content development on June 16, 1989, and Adrienne Molnár is also working on an interview compilation entitled "Recollections of the Change of System". Further interviewing will mainly consist of follow-up interviews with business leaders of the 1980s.

5. New content provisions are planned for the website, some long awaited: a chronology and document archive of the 1956 Revolution. The first stage of material on the career and life's work of photographers will appear. János Kenedi, János M. Rainer and Judit Topits will continue to prepare the multimedia content provision "June 16, 1989. Anatomy of a Day".

6. The library is preparing thematic bibliographies for the new Institute project The Kádár system as a post-Stalinist version of the Soviet-type systems, the 1989 content provision, and the OHA Other Hungary project.

7. The following feature in the publication programme for 2008:
7.1 Books
a. Litván, György: Maradjunk a tényeknél. Történeti-politikai írások (Stick with the facts. Historical/political writings. Compiled by Mrs Éva Gál Litván and Péter Kende). Ready for the press, publication due at the end of February 2008.
b. Kovács, Éva, ed.: Tükörszilánkok. A Kádár-korszak kommunikatív emlékezete (Shards of a mirror. Communicative memory in the Kádár period). Published jointly with the Sociological Institute of ELTE TÁTK. Manuscript read, publication in the first half of the year.
c.  Ungváry, Krisztián, and Gábor Tabajdi: Állambiztonság és politika (State security and politics). Published jointly with Corvina Kiadó. Manuscript ready, publication in the first half of the year.
d.  Dornbach, Alajos, Péter Kende, Katalin Somlai and János M. Rainer, eds: A Nagy Imre-per (The Imre Nagy trial). Published jointly with the Imre Nagy Foundation. Manuscript ready April 30, 2008, publication on June 16.
e.  Germuska, Pál: Ballasztból húzóágazat. A magyar hadiipar (From ballast to growth industry [monograph]). Publication by the end of the year.
f.  Rainer, János M.: Antall József és a zsaruk. Egy korszak patológiájához (József Antall and the detectives. Towards a pathology of a period [monograph]). Manuscript expected to be ready by February 2008, publication by the end of the year.
g.  Évkönyv XV. A Kádár-rendszer, mint a szovjet típusú rendszerek posztsztálini változata 1. Historiográfia (Yearbook 15. The Kádár system as a post-Stalinist version of the Soviet-type systems. 1. Historiography). Publication in December 2008.
h.  Valuch, Tibor: Magyar hétköznapok - a mindennapi élet változásának néhány jellegzetessége Magyarországon a szocialista korszakban (Hungarian daily life-some characteristics of change in daily life in Hungary in the socialist period [monograph]). Possible publication by the end of the year, jointly with Corvina Kiadó.
7.2.  Internet content developments
a.  Danó, Orsolya, ed.-in-chief: Fotográfus életművek/életútinterjúk (Life's work/life interviews with photographers). Multimedia Internet content development. First stage ready, likely to be up in the first quarter.
b. Már húsz éve...?! Magyar rendszerváltás, magyar demokrácia. Események és szereplők Nagy Piroska fotóin (Twenty years already? Hungarian change of system, Hungarian democracy. Events and participants in the photographs of Piroska Nagy). A running pictorial content provision on the events of the change of system. The first part is likely to be up around March 15, 2008.

8.  No international conference is planned in 2008, but the Institute is negotiating to contribute to the organization of such a conference in the Czech Republic on the subject of 1968. (The bloc proposed is "Reforms initiated from above and the reception of them" or possibly "The Hungarian reform in 1968". Two workshops on historiographic and methodological questions will be held, in March and November, as part of the Institute project.

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