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Edited by Alajos Dornbach, Péter Kende, János M. Rainer and Katalin Somlai. Budapest: 1956 Institute/Imre Nagy Foundation, 2008, 403 pp. In Hungarian.

Péter Kende: Introduction

Alajos Dornbach: The administration of justice under the party-state and the trial of Imre Nagy
György Litván: The political background to the trial of Imre Nagy
János M. Rainer: From the interrogation room to the scaffold

The decision to remand Imre Nagy in custody
Imre Nagy's appeal to the chief prosecutor
Imre Nagy's submission to the chief prosecutor
József Szilágyi's memorandum
The charges against Imre Nagy and associates
The judgement in the trial of József Szilágyi
Imre Nagy's final plea
The judgement in the case of Imre Nagy and associates
Imre Nagy's reply on the subject of clemency
Minutes of the execution of the death sentence
The judgement in the trial of Imre Nagy and accomplices
Communiqué from the Ministry of Justice
Historical justice!-appeal of the Committee for Historical Justice (TIB)
The decision to end the investigation into the case of Géza Losonczy
The 1989 warning of the chief prosecutor on legality
The defence speech by the attorney representing the accused
The 1989 decision of the Supreme Court
The international reaction to the trial of Imre Nagy

László Győri: A bibliography of the trial and the accused
Index of names

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