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The Photography College of the National Cultural Foundation advertised a competition in 2005 for research into the life’s work of photographers. The winners, based on recommendations from the 1956 Institute, established a system for processing data on photographers’ life’s work, allowing the individual researches to be incorporated into a uniform database. The six winning researchers examined the life’s work of decisive figures in the history of Hungarian photography: Ilona Nádor, László Almási, Demeter Balla, Tamás Féner, György Gadányi, and Béla Tarcai. Each research project consists of two closely connected units of content. The documented biography, assembled by oral-history methods, consists of the sound recordings of life interviews and written versions of these. These life interviews are in an edited form suitable for web publication. The content elements are organized into a database, allowing purposeful searches of the text. Connected to the life interviews but in a separate unit are photographs jointly selected by the photographers and researchers as representative of the photographer’s life’s work. The uniform content storage of these allows directed search and comparison in the visual field as well.

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