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The 1956 Hungarian Revolution

Csaba Békés
The Hungarian Question on the UN Agenda
Secret Negotiations by the Western Great Powers October 26th-November 4th 1956.
British Foreign Office Documents

Csaba Békés
New findings on the 1956 Hungarian Revolution

Csaba Békés
The International background of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and that of the Prague Spring in 1968

Csaba Békés
The 1956 Hungarian Revolution and World Politics

János M. Rainer
Decision in the Kremlin, 1956 -- the Malin Notes

János M. Rainer
The Yeltsin Dossier: Soviet documents on Hungary, 1956

János M. Rainer
The Road to Budapest, 1956
New Documentation on the Kremlin's Decision to Intervene

Attila Szakolczai
Revolution sweeps the country
Lecture at Rutgers University by the organization of the Hungarian Alumni Association, 23 October 1998

János Tischler
Poland’s October and the 1956 Hungarian Revolution
Gomulka's Intercession with Khrushchev on behalf of Imre Nagy

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