___HAS IT BEEN 20 YEARS...? [MÁR HÚSZ ÉVE...?!]___
Hungarian Change of System - Hungarian Democracy
Events and participants seen in the photographs of Piroska Nagy, Part 3

Már húsz éve...?!
Magyar rendszerváltás, magyar demokrácia
Események és szereplők Nagy Piroska fotóin 11. rész]

Goodness, can it be twenty years? It seems like yesterday? but on the other hand, like a piece of history that happened to others, not us. Yet happen to us it did, and twenty years ago.
"On March 15, 1988 I took with me the semi-automatic Minolta for which I'd changed my Zenit in '86, and I clicked away while my sister caught the speeches on tape recorder," writes Piroska Nagy in 1988. "I didn't know much about photography and I left the exposures and light readings up to the machine, not always successfully. But whatever happened, I felt I had to capture what was taking place."
Twenty years ago, Piroska Nagy went on to photograph everything that happened during the change of system between March 1988 and the summer of 1990. We'll be following her pictorial account month by month, augmenting it with documents, recollections and analyses (see the right-hand column). Have a good browse among them, and if people recognize themselves in the pictures, do write and let us know (

Part 1, June 16, 1988

Demonstration on Plot 301 of the Budapest Public Cemetery on June 16, 1988. The speaker is László Hegedűs, with Elek Nagy, Tamás Molnár, Imre Mécs, Gáspár Nagy and Róbert Pálinkás-Szűcs behind him

16. June 1988.

Budapest X. kerület Kozma utca, Új köztemető 301-es parcella

Persons on photo:
Mécs Imre, Nagy Gáspár, Pálinkás Szűts Róbert, Hegedűs László, Nagy Elek, , Molnár Tamás

Új köztemető

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